Kindergarten Requests for Ideas


Hi, I’m Amy, the managing editor of The Mailbox® magazine Kindergarten edition. I’d love to purchase your original activities and worksheets! Check out the topics below and drop me a line. I’m looking forward to hearing what works for you and your students!

Perfectly pleasing penguins

Penguin-themed math, science, and literacy activities

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Addition and subtraction centers

Hands-on, independent activities that reinforce addition and subtraction facts

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Group and individual activities that explore length or weight

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Short-vowel words

Group activities, games, learning centers, and printables that give students practice reading and spelling short-vowel words

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Gifts that students can make

Cute holiday crafts and cards that students can make for family members

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Your favorite ideas

Do you have teaching tips or activities that you’d like to share that don’t fit into the categories above? If so, please submit them. We’re always looking for great ideas!

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Conditions for Submission

Each submission must include a complete name, address, and phone number for ideas to be considered. For each idea accepted for publication, you will receive $20.00 or more depending on what you send. All ideas must be original (developed by you) and submitted to only one publisher at a time. If your idea is accepted for publication, your name and school will be credited as the source. All rights (copyrights or otherwise) contained in the materials accepted for publication become the property of The Education Center.

If you’d prefer to submit your ideas in paper form, only ideas accompanied by self-addressed, stamped envelopes will be acknowledged and/or returned. If you want materials that are not published to be returned, the envelope must be of sufficient size, with adequate postage. Please print or type your name, address, school, and grade level on each page of ideas and mail to Editorial Assistant, The Education Center, 101 Centreport Drive, Suite 245, Greensboro, NC 27409

Please allow up to two months for review. Writer’s guidelines are available upon request (self-addressed, stamped envelope required).

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