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Our History

In 1973, Marge and Jake Michel were educators frustrated by the lack of practical, ready-to-use materials for the classroom—so they created resources in their spare time. In 1979, they began producing The Mailbox, a magazine full of ideas from teachers for teachers. Since then, countless teachers have contributed to The Mailbox products.

Today, we provide support to teachers with Learning® magazine and digital experiences, including our fully interactive digital edition of The Mailbox® magazine, TheMailbox.com resources, The Mailbox Gold planning tools, Lesson Plans on Demand, eBooks, ePackets, and eGift cards.

All of our products are produced with teachers' needs in mind—from keeping the classroom creative to aligning to standards.

Who We Are

Our staff is made up of smart, creative people committed to making a significant difference in students' lives—and helping educators to do just that.

Editor Team

Editor Team

Everyday I get to think about what kids need and the best way to help them learn. I also get to think back to when I was teaching—remembering how hard teachers work. A teacher doesn't have a lot of time; I love knowing that the work I do each day can make it just a little easier for her.

—Sherry McGregor, Senior Editor

The editors are the heart of our company—they're all former teachers, representing schools across the country and all grade levels. They truly know the experience of making a difference in children's lives.

In addition to their own first-hand experience, the team works closely with hundreds of teachers across the country who contribute their unique ideas and experiences to The Mailbox magazine, books, and online resources.

What drives our editors is knowing that they can help teachers like themselves by making their day a little easier with great resources that work in the classroom. They're devoted to planning, writing, editing, and fact-checking everything we deliver to teachers.

Artist Team

Graphic Team

Everyday I come into work to draw critters and cute kids. I enjoy making sure all my work has personality to help engage kids. I love the thought of knowing that my illustrations can put a smile on a kids face or make them giggle. How fun is that!

—Donna Teal, Illustrator

We pride ourself on the creativity of our artwork, which is all done in our central offices in Greensboro, NC by a talented team of graphic artists and illustrators.

Our artists love creating illustrations, sketches, and layouts that engage students. They're also committed to making teachers' preparation easier by creating art that shows exactly how to use ideas and make learning fun.

Digital Team

Digital Team

I love knowing that when I work at The Mailbox, my day will be dynamic—I get to do new things each day I'm here. It's also fun to express creativity through code. I know that sounds difficult to believe, but the code drives everything you see and brings everything together.

—Kitty Lowrance, Digital Services Coordinator

The Digital Team is committed to bringing everything you love about The Mailbox to a great online experience. They also prepare all of our digital products, eBooks, and eNewsletters that show up in your inbox. From the look of our website to all the code that makes it easy to use, this team loves using technology to help teachers.

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